A Michels Pacific Energy used a Blackhawk helicopter to replace two wooden power poles with two metal ones atop a hill at Vandenberg Air Force Base near Pismo Beach, CA. Once the new poles were installed, the crew moved the conductors from the old structures to the new ones
A Michels Pacific Energy crew replaces a switch pole in Burlingame, CA

A Michels Pacific Energy crew drives along the Pacific Coast Highway near Monterey, CA to respond to an emergency call.

Strengthening and building infrastructure on the West Coast

High-Powered Solutions

Michels Pacific Energy, a wholly owned subsidiary of Michels Corporation, combines a dedicated team of industry-leading talent with sophisticated equipment to update and maintain California’s power infrastructure.

Transmission Lines: We utilize our specialized equipment and trained workforce to skillfully build lines up to 500kV in all terrain. We self-perform all aspects of new construction, relocations and rebuilds.

Distribution Lines: Our extensive pre-planning and logistical coordination allows us to efficiently complete overhead and underground projects.

Emergency & Storm Response: We provide a right-sized, dedicated crew to safely restore normalcy to the lives of your customers. Pre-negotiated contracts allow our crews to get to work quickly.

Safety-Conscious Construction: We have an experienced and robust training department, excellent safety record, and practice leading work methods. Michels Pacific Energy strives to collaborate with our clients to work on lines in service, minimizing outages and disruptions in service to their customers.

  • Unparalleled reputation for reliability, value engineering and customer satisfaction
  • Focused on safety, quality and communication
  • Efficient in all types of conditions
  • High-quality performance

Renewables: Extensive experience in solar and wind projects. Specializing in generation tie line construction, underground and overhead collection line systems

EPC: Our network of engineering partners and buying power leverage allows us to succeed on Engineer-Procure-Construct and Design-Build delivery method contracts.

Helicopter work: We routinely work with aviation contractors to get to hard-to-reach job sites and have an extensive history successfully completing projects with heavy material deliveries.  Projects include Human External Cargo methods.

Leadership: Ben Nelson is President of Michels Pacific Energy. Ben has 25 years of experience in the West Coast energy industry. Prior to accepting his new role, Ben had served as Michels’ Vice President of Western Operations since 2013. From 2001 to 2013, he was Vice President of Operations at Pilchuck Contractors before and after it became a wholly owned subsidiary of Michels.

Michels Pacific Energy updates the power infrastructure in San Diego, CA.

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